Sunday, October 4, 2009

Soggy Days

Well, you have an inkling how this banding weekend went if the opening photos are not even of raptors. Yup - pretty wet and miserable. Didn't get many birds, but still the most fun you can have legally. The migration of passerines was notable, at any rate. And the soundtrack to this season continued - the Red-breasted Nuthatches were ever present. This Chickadee had a wet undercarriage - an example of the wet weekend.

These next two photos are kind of cool, though - can you see the greyish covering over the eyes of the Shin in the first photo? It is the nictitating membrane - a thin "third eyelid" that helps to moisten and protect a raptor's eyes. The last photo was taken just seconds after the other one, so you can see what the eyes look like without the membrane.

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