Sunday, April 26, 2015

Great horned owl family

Great horned owls in local park were heavily photographed again.  I avoided much of it.  Today there was only me!  Found the male on his own, not far off the trail. 

Two youngsters and the female.

One of the youngsters stretches his wings!

Red-tailed hawk on Great Birding Day

 This is the same young (hatched last year) red-tailed hawk that made several circles over me on same Great Birding Day.  Though some of the photos seem oddly oriented, the bird really did appear to be "going straight up" as it climbed altitude. 

Great Birding Day

This is what spring feels like.  Birds either getting to town, or getting ready to nest. 
Eastern bluebird. 

Chipping sparrow.

Downy woodpecker cavity.

Whole series of Northern Flicker

Completely different and occupied cavity.
Common Grackle.

Hermit thrush

Most likely male osprey.  No "necklace" and he
does have bands. 

You can see the federal (silver) and black
project bands here.

Brown Thrasher!

Red-bellied woodpecker.
More ruby-crowned kinglets than humans
it seems last few days.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Local Spring Birding

American crow
Took a break from the Vallarta pics.  More to come, I promise! 

Spring is really a great season when you can experience it.  Overlaps of the birds who wintered in MN - or the species who spent winter south, and need to go north - and new arrivals.
Bald eagle

Black-capped chickadee

Cooper's hawk

Wood ducks

Northern flickers

House finches

Hooded mergansers




White-throated sparrow