Monday, October 12, 2009

Ahh, the thrill of Harriers

We have a saying at the blind; "The thrill of goshawks, the agony of harriers." Well, that all-too-known agony turned to quite a thrill when we had a female Northern Harrier come in this past weekend. What a cool, weird bird! Check out that facial disc - the feathers fan out from the face to the ears, to help the bird collect sound, much like an owl. When they fly, their heads are usually tipped down to catch sound as they hunt over fields.

See how narrow the wing is? Especially in comparison to the more broad wing of this Red-tailed Hawk. You can also see that trademark rump patch - the white feathers at the base of the tail.

A couple of Northern Flickers found their way into the nets, too. Check out that lemony goodness under the wing! They always look like they got into their mom's make-up kit and went wild. And see the size comparison with the male Sharp-shin to the left and the female to the right. All three of these birds just happened to come in at about the same time, so we took a moment to showcase the size comparisons.

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