Friday, October 2, 2009


Reier reminded me the other day that man "and girl" cannot live by birds alone. Which is true. Mostly. So - here are a couple of neat articles on bird-forerunners - the dinosaurs!

Anyone who knows me probably knows that my first working world aspirations was to be a paleontologist. What could be cooler to a kid than working with dinosaurs? Or at least the remains of them.

This article (link from Science Daily, but actual article published in Nature)

shows a bird-like dinosaur with four wings has been discovered in northeastern China. IT seems to bridge a gap in the transition from dinosaurs to birds.

This article has a new theory on what killed Sue the T-Rex.

The Sue specimen was found with holes in the jaw which were thought to be wounds from battle. Turns out they might be from trichomoniasis. From the article: Birds such as pigeons commonly host the parasite but suffer few ill effects, but in falcons and hawks, the germ causes a pattern of serious lesions in the lower beak that closely matches the holes in the jaws of Sue and occurs in the same anatomical location.

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