Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Arrivals to MN

This is truly why we live in Minnesota!  The last few weeks have marked some great new avian arrivals to the state!  Some are early enough that the individuals are going to continue on north to actual breeding grounds, but it's nice for the species representation to at least be here for a bit!   

Chipping Sparrows have been here for a week or so. 

Female (first two pics) and male Eastern bluebirds are always a great spot of color on a usually drab brown/tan landscape of little new growth.  This year these little gems could find plenty of bugs eating on the fresh buds on trees!

Northern Flickers spend a lot of their time finding their protein in the ground, under leaves, and in the dirt.  was nice to see one posing so beautifully in this tree.  This female does not have the red mallor "mustache" of the males. 

Stay tuned!  Brown Creepers, Yellow-rumps and more to come!

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