Monday, April 2, 2012


 I swear - some of the last pics to post.  We were thrilled to watch a lek of 26 Prairie Chickens the last morning we were in NE.  The morning before we had a "hot tip" from someone who was doing waterfowl surveys; after a 1.5 hour drive, we saw chicken poop, a few stray feathers, and one bird flying.  Always possible that a hawk or coyote, etc broke up the lek in display.  And reminds us that there is no crying in baseball, nor guarantees in birding.  The next morning took away the pain.  The birds were close enough to hear their calling and cackling. 

While it was dry in many of the waterfowl production and management areas, we did find a few with some birds.  Northern Pintail and Blue-winged Teal were plentiful in one. 

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