Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brown Creepers and Butter Butts

I was absolutely stoked to find four Brown Creepers around a little local lake/pond.  They were singing softly while they did their foraging on the tree trunks.  Check out how well they camouflage!  You can also see those crazy feet/long toes in the first shot. 

Butter butts, aka yellow-rumped warblers, aka Myrtle warblers.  When they come, you know you've ben invaded.  Funny thing about this year; they are all in the trees, since there are leaves and no need to hang out on the ground for your protein packed goodies.  This bird made me laugh; all I saw for the first few minutes was the bird's butt - easy to see how it got it's name!  And generally the only part of their anatomy that warblers like to show you anyway - undercarriage and back end.  They are usually so high up that's it. 

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