Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Steelers and NFL Update

Okay - I know you've all been waiting for this like I have. Today is the day they unveil the Steelers SuperBowl XLIII ring design! Isn't it fantastic?!?! Recognizes all six SuperBowls. It's stylish as well as tasteful. I'm so proud all over again! I had the amazing experience of being able to see replicas of the other five rings at the Football Hall of Fame last year. It is pretty amazing to see them up close.

The Steelers have also posted their 2009 training camp schedule here. They have always been good about inviting the fans to come out and watch parts of practices. Single game tickets go on sale June 20. Reier and I are going to try to catch the last regular season game on January 3 in Miami, since we will most likely be in Florida then.

Speaking of getting ready for the 2009 season - I am fairly intrigued with the rush of teams to copycat each other. First with the conversion to the 3-4 defense like yours truly has employed successfully for a while now. Good luck on being efficient on the first few years with that. It is a completely different mind set, plays, and player-body types, and it doesn't happen overnight. I am also going to see just how many teams start using the Wildcat offense. For those who are interested, Wikipedia has as good an explanation as any here. Basically, the snap goes directly to the running back or half back and so in essence it makes things a bit more interesting for the defense. The ball can go to the guy in motion, or that guy can go to the weak side and throw a block. The quarterback (at receiver) himself may throw a block or go out for a pass. If you have players who were pretty versatile in college, this is not a bad idea to have in the playbooks.

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