Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kingbird Can of WhoopA&%

I told friends just the other day that I thought I had finally de-coded Kingbirds.  They really do see the world very simply.  If you are NOT cool enough to be a Kingbird, you then fall into one of two categories; one is something they can eat (actually this group is fairly narrow), and the other is something to be used for their punching bag.  I am not sure if I was believed as I related this new hypothesis. 

Just today, however, I think I might be vindicated.  I stopped by the recently fledged Eastern Kingbird family, and watched while the three fledglings were fed.  One adult took off very suddenly after what I thought was a bug; turns out it was an osprey.  Yes, folks - an osprey.  Or - since it wasn't a bug, it was a possible punching bag.


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