Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eastern Kingbirds

 I can't count the number of hours I've spent with my dad, "chasing" down Eastern Kingbirds.  It was always from within the pickup, on the road, and minimum forty feet or usually much farther. 

I was lucky enough to time things to find a family just arriving, then setting up shop, and finally getting to watch the day they fledged (three little ones).  These photos were taken just three days post-fledging, and already they are about the equivalent of a block away from the nest tree.  Two of the little ones huddled close together.

 This lucky one was fed a couple of times. 

 The adult arrives again!

 Only the chick closest to the parent got fed.
 The adult arrived again - and on the same side. 

 So again - same chick was fed. 
And the other one was not happy about it.  
The adults were working very diligently, so none of the youngsters will starve, I am sure.  What a great opportunity!

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