Monday, October 10, 2011

Misc Pics from Up North

Got a variety of stuff to post today. It was a weekend of pretty fall foliage, but not a lot for birds. SSE winds and a lot of savvy adults made for great watching, but not much interest in coming down from the Great Migration. Did catch a merlin and some more shins.

Here are a couple of pics to show the colors changing just around the blind.

This little buck came in to just feet from our blind! He was almost close enough to pull his chin whiskers!

This is a pretty famous Peregrine. For over 40 years, there has not been a wild-trapped Peregrine Falcon to be used for falconry in the state of Minnesota due to the decline of the species. This past year, one falconer applied for a take. He set up on the land close to us - and last weekend, this gorgeous 'blonde" came in! The falconer stopped in to show her off - and quite a beauty she is! We have falconers to thank for this species being restored to not only historical locations, but new ones that we all can enjoy today. Things have come full circle. We wish "Trudi" well on her hunting adventures.

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