Monday, October 17, 2011

Dream weekend

This past weekend was really the reason why we do what we do; 40 birds over the two days. 13 Red-tails, (I think) 6 Goshawks, several Cooper's hawks - the hits just kept coming. The skies were literally full of Red-tails on Saturday. Great winds helped us out a lot.

Because larger birds are a (little) slower, it helps to give us a little extra time to get some more shots in. First shot is one of my faves - we tossed this Red-tail into the wind. It pumped in flight for a bit, and then did a "wing over" - UPWARDS! The bird decided to flip over to change direction in the air to actually catch the winds behind it, as a tail wind. The other Red-tail flying shows the band we just put on it.

Bander Rick released a Goshawk, a Red-tail and a Cooper's Hawk as the rest of us took photos.

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