Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Rough legged

Here are Frank Taylor and Bill Clark with the Rough-legged Hawk! What a great bird!

You can see the feathers down the tarsus - we made sure the band would not ever bother her in moulting or otherwise impede her.

Okay, yes - this is what it looks like. Thanks to Rick - this captures my most favorite thing to do after banding the hawks - taking in their wonderful smell. It really is something indescribable - the hawks anyway. Falcons are most musty smelling.

Last bird of the season to touch the nets - was a female Black-backed woodpecker! She unfortunately boinged out so we wouldn't have her in the hand but she was a great last bird for the season! They have only three toes, and usually follow recently burned pines. Sax Zim Bog and parts of Duluth usually report sightings in the winter. I hadn't seen one at the blind yet.

Special thanks for Frank, Rick and Chuck for their friendship, knowledge, and willingness to let me be a part of this team that is more of a family. Until next season . . . .

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