Monday, August 2, 2010

Osprey gangsters

Okay - I lied about the end of the osprey posts, but this was just too cool. Was at a friend's cabin this weekend, and got to see resident osprey put the smack-down on an adult bald eagle. Friend Margaret had told me about a couple of resident osprey who, on the lake in Northern Minnesota where her family's cabin is, had a habit of physically taking fish from eagles in the air, as well as unseating them from choice perch spots. The last time I was up several years ago, I did get a chance to see some squabbling where an osprey did try it. This time I did get a couple of crappy frames of an osprey who did succeed in knocking the eagle off a perch. We saw the eagle first, just sitting and enjoying the sun. Then saw osprey come in, and set his/her wings in a definite line straight for the eagle. The osprey took three swipes at the eagle until he/she succeeded in knocking him/her out of the tree. After that, the osprey took off, and didn't perch in the spot he/she just made vacant.

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