Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More SD

South Dakota has a veritable cornucopia of hawks and other raptors, so your ID has to pretty much be "game on" all the time. Swainson's are almost as populous as the Red-tails and when it is winter, they head south and are replaced in numbers by the Rough-leggeds. Here is a Swainson's on a telephone pole, followed by two shots of a second year Red-tail (as he is flying away, note the two red tail feathers coming in), and an adult Red-tail saying "sayonarra".

No SD trip would be complete without a Meadowlark. The ones that I see and hear the most are the Western.

When I came through the front door, breathless, and told my mom that there was a Dickcissel calling, the expression clearly said that she thought I had used a word not suitable for all ears. It really exists - and it is a great bird!

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