Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NE part 2

Had a moment to find a few photos from the trip. Here are a couple that show the cranes all coming in at night to the Platte. Obviously the light was not great - we had some crummy weather, and no good sunsets.

This shows the cranes from a vantage point of a blind that is on a bluff overlooking them. They are in the Platte, and are milling about, deciding when they will leave and start feeding for the day in a nearby field. We were so scared we were making noise right away in the blind. When the birds stayed. . . and stayed . . . and stayed, we actually were hoping that one of the young bald eagles who was frequenting the area would make another pass just to get the cranes to start their day sooner. Some of us really had to hit the bathrooms.

The cranes did a lot of dancing in the fields. They are basically either creating pair bonds, or reigniting the hormones.
Can you tell what is in this picture? Mostly Snow Geese, but some Greater White-fronted, with some Ross' Geese mixed in.

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