Sunday, March 7, 2010

Barn Swallows and Secrets of Youth

With all of the money humans spend on vitamins and other things to keep healthy, and the money spent on research to just take a pill and be healthy without working at it, who knew all we needed to do was take a page from the Barn Swallows' book? Turns out that Barn Swallows, despite all of the energy reserves spent on migration, are able to maintain a high level of antioxidants that aid in reproduction all on their own. Read about it here. When I took the Ornithology class at the U of M a few years ago, we talked about another aspect to breeding fitness that Barn Swallows were able to display. Turns out that if you are a male, and your tail was extra long, the chicks totally dug you. They somehow knew that this was an outward sign that your genes were able to help your chicks be more immune to nest mites. Read the paper where this was first published.

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