Monday, January 11, 2010

FL part 2

Being a photographer as well as a birder makes it difficult sometimes to just live in the moment when you see some great birds. If you don't have your lens with you, you wish you did. And sometimes you think about how you would frame what you are seeing, instead of just enjoying it. And then again - sometimes you get the opportunity to be able to enjoy something long enough to just watch it, as well as photograph it.

And then the Bird Gods really throw you a bone and have it be a Sora that you get to do both with. Now - Sora are fairly notorious for being stealthy in the riparian areas they live in. You see a flash of that little white tail flicking, see the plants move, and then one more glance. This bird was a treat to observe for 15 minutes or more, and could not have been more accomodating.

We also turned some lemons into lemonade with a turn down a road that was completed on the map we had, but somehow just ended when we were actually driving on it. We discovered a Yellow-crowned Heron rookery!

And finally - Common Moorhens really are fairly common in Florida, but they are a pretty and unique bird. And they have crazy feet!

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