Sunday, January 10, 2010

FL Jan 1020

Wow - again it's been a while. Partially due to not a lot of birding outings in MN this time of year. Partially due to some teeth grinding, heart palpating, ups and downs with my beloved Steelers.

This past week Reier and I headed to what was supposed to be a warm and sunny FL for a week. It was sunny. Not very warm. A highlight was the Steelers/Dolphins game in Miami (Steelers won). A lot of our favorite birding spots were a little different this year. FL had lots of rain for the fall, and no big storms, which was good. But the higher water made some birds choose the less deep canals along roads instead of the usual refuges. A couple for this posting - the Purple Gallinule has to be seen to be properly appreciated. The light on those feathers looks just amazing.

Next, we see just how involved it is to be beautiful, as evidenced by this Snowy Egret.

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