Friday, September 4, 2009

Birding about the Metro

Some really great weather lately - cool enough to remind us that fall and migration is underway, but sunny enough to make some photo shooting well worth it! Reier and I went out to see what we could come up with as fall as fall warblers. Did see some, but always too zippy to photo, or high enough that you just get the under carriage. Check out the mallard drake - he has a band! We will try to read it and report it.
This young Northern Cardinal was surreptitiously watching us from a little woody patch - we tried to make him feel better and act like we didn't notice him/her.

American Goldfinches were abundant as they found lots of thistle and other things to eat.
This little female posed nicely.

Coopers Hawks are not known for their agility at running on tree branches, but this adult male was actually quite adept. He did some quick adjustments to get close to some House Sparrows in a bush below his tree.

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