Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In case the theme hasn't come through (!!), bird banding is one of my passions. I am lucky to have the great and patient teachers that I do, and very lucky indeed to have learned under Frank Taylor. Frank took these photos of me from this season.

This first one is me taking the tail measurements of this Red-tailed hawk. I am holding the bird securely, making sure the wings are tucked and the feet are secured, while I have a metal ruler to get the tail measurement.

These photos are of me working with a Merlin. I am putting a band on the leg of the bird with a special pliers, and making sure that when I take it out of nets, I have the feet and wings secured safely.
This male American Kestrel is getting his wing chord measured. The wing is held so the wrist (the bend) is at the starting point, and then we see where the longest wing (primary) feather reaches to.
The final picure is of the kestrel getting his band, as well!

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