Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mad Mockingbirds (no Englishmen) and more

Hope at least a few of you are old enough to get the reference in the title . . .

If you haven't checked out the Science Daily site, you should bookmark it. Lots of great articles on the environment, and on birds in particular. If there has been a paper of note written, they generally have an article about it. In reference to the title of this blog, there is an interesting article on Northern Mockingbirds, and a study in Florida how they seem to recognize different humans.

Reier and I are off to Florida tomorrow! Need some R and R after spring term classes. Reier will also be studying for the state nursing board exams - wish him luck! Found out the NFL owners are also meeting in Fort Lauderdale. Hmm. I wonder if Reier is up for crashing that event? Might be fun to throw spitballs at Jerry Jones and try to hide Al Davis' glasses. And to just find anyone from the Baltimore Ravens and tell them how much I hate them. ;)

Actually a lot of NFL news lately - the NFL Network will probably be carried by Comcast, AND I won't have to listen to Tony Kornheiser any longer. I am fascinated how Gruden will be able to convey his thoughts in words, and not glowering. Great article on the Steelers' defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau on their website. God bless that guy. Here is a photo of my ridiculously talented strong safety Troy Polamalu:

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  1. Welcome to the wild, wacky world of blogging! As you mentioned before, make it your own. Birdies and Steelers is a good combo... -- Mark