Monday, October 29, 2012

OLD Hairy Woodpecker

Pretty exciting news to share!  Comes under the heading of "why we band birds."  At a recent Springbrook banding, had the 25th encounter with a female hairy woodpecker.  Turns out she might be a record breaker.  She was banded as a hatch year bird in October 4, 1998.  The current third-oldest record of this species in the Bird Banding Lab database is 14 years 3 months.  Depending on when the BBL will determine her hatch date, she could very well be 14 years 4 months.  How cool! 

Took some pics of the band that she has had this entire time.  It was getting very worn and thin.  Though she has never shown an injury due to this band in the 25 times she has been seen since original banding date, it was decided to give her a new, fresh one, and link to the number in the BBL database. 

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