Friday, June 22, 2012

Urban Goodies - Kestrels and Kingbirds

 Am looking forward to heading to SD soon to see the wonderful goodies that are always there.  Turns out - goodies are everywhere in the metro area, too.  I headed to one of my fave little hangouts before the gym, and found this female just-fledged kestrel.  I'd always thought that just being a kestrel got your street-cred; turns out she thought that, too, and we were both wrong.  She was trying her best with "I'MAKESTREL-I'MAKESTREL-I'MAKESTREL" and the bluebirds, mourning dove and house finch in her tree really weren't all that concerned.  To make matter even more embarassing, a male yellow warbler was actually scolding her as he was on his way to deliver food for his young. 

She took off, flew around a bit, came back, and tried once more to convince the neighborhood that she WAS SOMEBODY.  Finally, in the ultimate show of disrespect, two eastern kingbirds - let's remember that their Latin name is Tyrannus tyrannus (king of kings) - decided to come over and mess with her by diving at her head.  Poor kestrel.  She took off and went to nurse her bruised pride. 

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