Monday, February 20, 2012

Birding for All

My tabby Oscar is not easily impressed when it comes to the plethora of birds out the windows at our house. Usually it takes something like the mallards who fly in for spilled seed, or a blue jay, as long as it's loud and active (which isn't normally a problem.) Rose-breasted Grosbeaks - not so much. My dad suggested that Oscar is perhaps more of a Big Game Hunter. (I do interject at this time that my cats are indoor cats only. They also contribute to bird conservation with the donation of their shed haircoats going to nesting material bags that I will soon be hanging out on the clothes lines.)

Crows, however, are a big hit for Oscar. Nice pine in the yard next to mine that makes a good perch for lots of birds in the neighborhood. Oscar's fanny wiggle usually tells me when something "good" is outside.

Now Lily, my other cat, firmly appreciates a good hawk when she sees one. She tries her "cat chatter" to entice it closer, but as of yet, no dice. Oscar's approach is not quite the light touch; his noggin has recorded more window strikes than the feathered neighbors.

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