Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Sax Zim - Black-backed woodpecker, others

Last post from Sax Zim trip. What a great cornucopia of birds to find! The habitat is so unique that it offers quite a bit to birds, especially in winter. Red breasted nuthatches are around the feeders.

Though it wasn't a great shot, it was fantastic to get good looks at Black-billed Magpie. There are nesting records in the Bog for this species, and it is supposedly the eastern-most for it.

Boreal Chickadees can be found - usually at the feeders.

The bog - what a great landscape!

One of the specialties of the Bog at this time of year is catching a Black-backed or Three-toed Woodpecker. The group I was with was lucky enough to catch this Black-backed!

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