Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goshawk and Cooper's Hawk comparisons

The Cooper's hawks and Northern Goshawks are both accipiters, and do share many traits in body shape and hunting styles. However, they really look different in the hand. And - both look very different from hatch year plumage to after-hatch year. The first two shots are of Cooper's hawks - the first is a hatch year, and the second is after-hatch year. Note the flat head (different from a Sharp-shinned's very rounded head).

Now here is a bird who can strike fear in the heart of any grouse or pheasant - the might goshawk! The first shot is a of a hatch year bird, and the second is after-hatch year. Look at the strong, stocky head and body. We were lucky enough to band several of these fabulous birds this year.

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