Monday, June 13, 2011

American Crow Youngsters

This past week seems like youngsters of every species are just exploding out of their nests. Can't go anywhere without food begging behavior, more vocalizations, and feeling like there are creatures with feathers EVERYWHERE! Anyone in an urban setting knows that American Crows are almost omnipresent - in yards, around shopping centers, parks, you name it. Four new fledglings showed up in and around my house. If you thought one or two adults were loud, the entire block cannot contain these four. How do you tell they are youngsters? Well, the behavior for one - they are following and calling after adults. And then they sit in trees or in my yard and just calling for food to be brought to them.

Physically, you can tell they are just fledged if you look closely - they have blue eyes (which they will retain for about two months) and reddish-pink skin at the corners of their mouths (and gape) for about three months.

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