Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lowry Banding

Okay, okay - stop me if you've heard this before. But seriously - White-throated Sparrows really are one of my fave sparrows. When we banded at Lowry a couple of weeks ago, this bird was the first of its species that I had seen in the cities. As I write this, though, there are about a dozen in my front and back yards. I heard the distinctive call notes, and ran outside (yes, in the full downpour of rain) and sprinkled some seed. Within moments there was a huge group. Along with them were Juncos, Cowbirds and a Blue Jay or two.

This Junco had white spots around its eyes.

This American Tree Sparrow was also banded at Lowry. It is a second year bird, so does not have its more defined eye line.

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