Monday, September 27, 2010

Quality Vs. Quantity

Okay - we all knew there were going to be weekends like this - not a lot of birds flying, and not many taking looks at us. Always nice scenery and I am with the best people ever, so it is an easy way to spend time, though. With that - we were lucky to get 5 birds Saturday and 10 on Sunday. We did get the Holy Trinity of Accipiters though - we got shins, a goshawk and a Cooper's hawk! Note the imperfection in the goshawk's eye - focal hyperpigmentation of the iris (isn't it great to work with vets?)

The first three of the hatch year Goshawk - cool bird! Check out that tail! The last two are of the Cooper's Hawk. The last - but certainly not least - is an After Hatch Year Shin.

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