Friday, July 2, 2010

Peregrine Siblings

Here is a little story (in pictures) of the Lock and Dam #1 Peregrines. Got to watch one of them take the very first flight (okay, 20 foot hop) from the nestbox. Also got to see Mom bring in a kill but not actually give it to the youngsters in the box - she did three fly-bys to encourage them to come out and get it. This would, in essence, encourage them to try flying and leave the nest box. What you see here is a series of two of the chicks - almost six weeks old, so just about the right age to fledge.

First you have to divide up the room on the perch to flap your wings. I think someone is on someone else's side.

Uh-uh - two babies on ONE side is probably not going to work.

Ooooof - watch that.


I'll just take care of that myself.

These toes are actually not bad for grasping. Just gotta practice a bit . . .

Yes, I am pulling your tail. But it was your fault.

Okay, we can both agree to just sit quietly and wait for Mom to bring the vittles in.

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