Saturday, June 5, 2010

Catching Up

Familiar story for the blog - too many bird pictures and activities, too little time to get them up. House stuff and final paper for spring class - yaddah yaddah.

So often I celebrate "brown birds" (specifically the sparrows), but wanted to give a shout out to how great gray can be. At the bottom of the blog - Gray Catbird (see the top of the head for the jaunty little cap) is a sweet little number that you hear more often than see. one of them has recently found the suet at my feeders. See the rusty color under the tail that you often won't notice when they flit through the bushes?

And then - whoa! - GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER - AHHHH! What a seriously neat bird. Looks a little like a Mr Potato Head - all the parts look like they were just slapped together. Two-tone head, yellow front, red eyes, orange tail. Even the bill has different shades. Don't know a bander out there who doesn't think this is a jewel to get!

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