Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fall in SD part 2

Reier had an observation as we were driving back - "how weird to see Snow Geese, Rough-legged Hawks and a Cattle Egret within an hour of each other?" He was right - the first two are pretty normal for SD this time of year. The Cattle Egret we found was not.

The concentrations of Snow Geese were a little higher than I am used to - more like what I see in the spring. What a sight and sound to see them all lift off out of fields.

Some of the best birding is done in the worst light, so we will just call these shots art-y, okay? The first one is of Sharp-tailed Grouse, who will often roost in trees, or be in there just as dawn breaks. The last shot is of a Rough-legged Hawk taking off after something furry on the ground.

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